Thursday, February 20, 2020

What Is Email Security and Why You Need An Email Security Company?

This is the high tech world. Every person legal to use internet uses emails whether it’s for personal use or for business. But not everyone is aware of email security. When we talk about the business world, it is quite aggressive as everyone is in the battle of getting an innate edge over their rivals. In order to cope with, businesses need to switch towards state of the art technologies and advance gadgets. They need to take their email security solution quite seriously.

Importance of Email Security

Let’s first discuss how important email security is. Businesses have important information in their email servers like agreements, inter office communication etc. Moreover, emails are most prone to viruses that by just opening the email, your whole computer gets infected. There are so many cases of sensitive data loss that we can’t count.

Modern technology has made us vulnerable as there are so many spams and malwares trying to steal important information. Businesses have so much sensitive and important data that if their data gets in the wrong hands then the whole business could collapse like a house of cards. This is the reason businesses need security companies like Guardian Digital to secure their information.

Guardian Digital’s Enterprise solution not saves you from unwanted incoming emails, but they also gives real time protection against email-borne threats. It is more than just protecting your business from spam. With just an innocent click from an employee can open your system to the world of cyber threats.

How Email Security Company Protects?

When someone talks about email security, we think it’s just spam and virus protection but it is much more than that. Protecting systems from viruses, phishing scams and Trojans is essentially important but there are also many other issues to consider.

Everyone just thinks to protect businesses from outside of the company. Major security breaches and thefts are from within the company. Employees have access to everything. Such breaches could either be intentional or unintentional but happens none the less.

In order to create an email security environment, several aspects need to be considered. So it is important to not only hire an email security company but also educate your employees about safety measures. Make them understand how much security is important and how much it impacts their livelihood. 

Mostly the message that come and seems innocent sounds urgent and familiar. Recipient name is mostly a very common name or famous name. Sometimes you seem to receive email from the email service provider like Gmail or outlook. But if you open the message and check the address, you can identify the fakeness of it. Sometimes by just opening the message, the damage is done. Here is why you need an email security company as they will automatically identify that it is a phishing scam and alert you beforehand not to open it. 

Protecting your system with just an antivirus is not enough. Proper email security system is needed in order to survive the cyber attacks. 

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