Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Google Analytics Metrics Defined in Easy way to Understand Terms

If there’s one thing we love more than transforming consumer data into actionable business insights, it’s improving small business owners make sense of all the things digital marketing – including the Google Analytics metrics.

Today we are going to break down, on a simplistic level, the elements of Google Analytics and help you understand loads of data. Such as traffic to your website, popular web pages, and how your customers are making their purchase decisions.

Before we getting into the details of the Google Analytics metrics, let’s break down what specifically Google Analytics is and why it is necessary for your business. Don’t worry all the content in this blog post is going to be manageable, simple and easy to understand.

Google Analytics metrics

Google Analytics is a service offered by Google to small business owners to let them see how their website is performing. It equips them with tons of data.

So how is it done?

You must be thinking that we are going to set you for free in a pool of technical jargon. Wrong! We are here to clarify all that for you.

After putting a piece of code in your website’s back end, you’re set to go. All it needs is just one snippet of code that can easily be put into the place with user-friendly tools like Google Tag Manager or the WordPress plugins.

You can also leave this responsibility to our team of Google Analytics experts. But all you need is to know is after putting this code into your website, you can turn on the analytics tracking.

This will then deliver to Google Analytics metrics that will tell you the exact number of people who are visiting your website every month. As well as the metrics like how much time they are spending on specific pages.

To a clueless business owner who is just beginning or is fairly non-technical, this may not sound fancy but trust us.  Once we have explained all the Google Analytics metrics in the simple and easy to understand terms, it will be the best thing to happen to your business.

What are Google Analytics Metrics?

Some of the business owners throw this word around a lot. Firms sprinkle it across their client presentations to look smart. Even the Interns use it often to stress they know a thing or two about marketing. But we bet no one has taken the chance out to explain what Google Analytics metrics are.

The most basic metric is Website Traffic. This metric tells you how many people visit your website over a defined period of time. Whether you’re increasing your traffic through Google paid ads or a content blog, this is a useful metric for business owners to see how their website is performing in terms of visitors.

Google Analytics metrics

A metric is a performance data set that is associated with actions on your website.

For example, how many people visited your website last week? Or how long do people stay on your website? These are the metrics that form the base of your website performance data.

Who Needs to See Google Analytics Metrics?

As a business owner and decision maker, you already know having a website is becoming more and more important for your business. So, you had a well designed website made. Now what?

Next time when you turn to your website analytics data to see how your website is performing and if you need to execute any updates to get better results.

Google Analytics Metrics, Explained!

Whether you are a fresh entrepreneur trying to get your head around the game or a time-proven master of digital marketing. Chances are you still find yourself scratching your head when certain Google Analytics metrics are thrown toward you.

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