Thursday, January 30, 2020

#251: Marketing

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It’s January, and that means Chris and Marie are thinking about marketing (again). In this episode we talk about the challenges of marketing and user education for a complex app like CodePen.

Time Jumps

  • 00:27 Intro to the topic

  • 03:41 What don’t people know about CodePen?

  • 15:27 Sponsor: Jetpack

  • 17:43 Social media sharing

  • 20:39 Asset Manager

  • 28:30 Why this happens every January?



Jetpack is full of features. If you have had the feeling that you’re paying for more than you need, you’re in luck, Jetpack is starting to have features you can buy individually. Jetpack Backup is one of them, the best way to backup a WordPress site there is. If that’s the only paid feature you need, you got it. Just $3 a month for daily backups or $20 a month for realtime backups.

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